VideoGamesNewYork: A Retro Video Game Store Review

The VideoGamesNewYork storefront.

The VideoGamesNewYork storefront

Whether you are a retro video game aficionado who resides in New York or are about to make a trip to the Big Apple, one of your destinations should be VideoGamesNewYork.  Located in the East Village, you will first be greeted by the immense images of Mario and Sonic beneath the bright yellow awning.  Growing up in the 90s, this takes me back to the days when Nintendo and Sega were the biggest rivals in the video game industry.    I was first introduced to VideoGamesNewYork by my boyfriend last year and I was completely taken aback by what the store had to offer.  On one wall, you’ll see an amazing selection of NES, Genesis and Super Nintendo games.  In a glass case adjacent to that, you will spot shelves of PS1 and N64 titles.   You can easily spend a couple of hours (if you’re like me) just browsing their selection of games, consoles, and game peripherals.  During my visit there, I actually spotted the Atari Trak-Ball, which is very impressive considering I hadn’t seen it in years.  Also tucked towards the back of the store within a glass case is a series of collectible items, some of which are signed by the one and only Shigeru Miyamoto, as well as the Powerglove among other things.

I love the Powerglove; it's so bad.

I love the Powerglove; it’s so bad.

What also stands out about VideoGamesNewYork is the friendliness of the staff.  Yes, you read that right; staff members working in a store in New York City are actually friendly.  It’s pretty obvious that the staff is passionate about their games, and they won’t hesitate to help you not only find the game you are looking for, but are also willing to answer gaming questions not directly related to a purchase.  Now, this isn’t the only retro game store in town.  I have been to a handful of other retro game stores in the tristate area, including one just two blocks away from VideoGamesNewYork.  Those other stores have their own strengths, but I still favor VideoGamesNewYork.  Either those other stores didn’t have nearly the same amount of games, or the staff was just standoffish and favored doing their own thing instead of helping a new customer.  Thus, without hesitation, I would recommend a visit to Video Games New York.  You never know what you may find there or what you may learn :).  Here’s their website:


3 thoughts on “VideoGamesNewYork: A Retro Video Game Store Review

  1. It is funny that I found this store with a simple Google map search! It is such a great find! That store really does have a lot to offer and, like you said, I think if you really wanted to you could spend quite a long time looking through their entire selection! How can you help it though? There is so much to see and discover in there! It is a demonstration of their great selection if they have rare items such as the Atari Track Ball. Every time we have gone back, they have had more games that weren’t there before. So it is nice to go back every now and then. I think what is also cool is that they have factory sealed games, older games in their original boxes like the N64 titles, and Japanese titles as well. They even have a PS3 signed by Kojima in there I believe.

    You can learn so much from the staff! They are willing to share what they know and they are pretty chill so you can strike up a cool gaming conversation with them too. I have to agree that I like this store over the other retro stores we have seen as well =)! I guess this one is hard to beat because it is in New York =P. What would you say is the coolest or most rare game or peripheral you were surprised to see there? Would it be that Atari Track Ball?

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